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It’s all about vision

Video gallery

Each one of our projects is carefully crafted to fulfill our customer’s demands through a seamlessly editing process adding a detailed color work to set the perfect mood, taking the viewer to a true cinematic experience.

Short documentaries

Talents and life of different people living amongst us and the way we see them through the eyes of our cameras.

Shoe festival Tržič 2017, 8:20

Polka documentary highlight, 5:01

Sara & Flocke, 3:16

Sweet moments, 4:24

Corporate & Events

We do it as highlights and/or full day coverage

Chinese gold exhibition in National museum of Slovenia in Ljubljana, 12:24

Highlights of Lung cancer debate, 1:06

Highlights of 24th International symposium on emergency medicine, 3:12

Commercial style

We can make your product or service pop up from the crowd and make it shine at its finest.

Trailer airsoft club Kisovec, 1:00

The niche experience, 1:47

A minute of vintage, 1:03

Music clips

You want your music video to look funky? or classy? or…why not maybe like a movie? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

“You are my life” music video by Maja Zaloznik & Moonshine, 4:00

Aquasphera, 2:59

Artsy & Indie

This is how we set ourselves free when those crazy ideas come to mind and we just have to make a movie out of them…

Glamour, 3:05

Wedding films

Check couple’s love journeys at our dedicated wedding webpage www.wedding-tales.eu

Wedding trailer film Kei & Masayuki, 1:00

Highlight wedding film Sualeha & Marcel, 3:43

Showreel wedding films 2018, 4:52

Autumn elopement trailer, 1:00


As well, we take the time to produce great indoor/outdoor studio photography and when it comes to chill in our free time, we grab our gear and hit the street to tell stories through Street photography techniques.

About us

DFilm Pictures offers a variety of audio visual ways so you can express yourself, communicate your ideas, present your products and make your most important moments in life look epic through video.

We focus mainly in films and documentaries. We also produce commercials, music videos, weddings, event videography.

To make this possible we count with reliable and top of the line tools to have the work done properly and we are always up to date with new techniques and concepts.

We are Daniel and Marusa Zamorano and we welcome you to take a spin inside Dfilm Pictures.

DFilm Pictures


Got any wish to work with us? Have some ideas in mind to translate them in to some wicked videos or photos? Just drop us an e mail and we will be more than honoured to reach back at you to make it happen.

Or an oldfashioned phone call will work as well.

Our email: info@dfilmpictures.com

Our phone numbers:
English: +386 30 243 979
Slovene: +386 31 233 481