About us

is a husband and wife team.
We are Daniel and Maruša Zamorano.

Enjoy the best visuals, creativity and professional approach
combined together.

Our company is based on doing cinematography, like commercials, corporate films, events, product and perfume films & photos. We are pricese, commited, professional, organized, adaptable. We provide top quality for affordable prices.

Our latest brand ”Feelings from a blurry note” is dedicated to visuals for niche perfumes for many worldwide located niche perfume houses. We are also passionate collectors and reviewers of niche perfumes, we write blogs and record podcast about perfumes.

We also use our experiences in filming weddings, couple’s stories are part of our brand ”Wedding Tales by DFilm Pictures”.

We use top audio and video cinema gear for our work, we take care of the appropriate scenario and plan the shots, we follow the latest audiovisual techniques and constantly educate ouself.

Coming from 2 different countries – one from Chile, the other from Slovenia, we speak 5 languages (Slovene, Spanish, English, German, Croatian) and this gives us an advantage of approaching and working with different clients and countries..


Daniel Zamorano

I am not so good for fancy descriptions of myself. I’m more of a “straight to the point” type of person, so here is a bit of who I am: Chilean guy that when back in Chile used to work in mutual funds and international airport as well, in short words, the boring stuff.

After getting fed up with that type of thing I just decided to pursue a different type of work, Filmmaking & Photography! I have a background in horror films and indie style, as well I’ve been working in other goodies such as commercials, music videos, weddings and lately, doing niche perfume visuals. I’ve done many projects as a one man army and with a small crew as well and now, my wife is my partner in crime when It comes to film & photo, we support each other with great understanding, respect and love, and that makes our workflow very effective.

I’m very devoted to what I do and I have a very sensitive eye for details, I’m creative and skilled for doing scripts, edits, framing and all those things that comes when making visual projects. I like rock, cooking, great movies, etc.

I’ve been living in Slovenia for 15 years and at this time of my life I’m not planning to go anywhere else. I believe that I can contribute with my ideas and also learn from others in this times of digital audio visual communications.

Maruša Zamorano

As a young girl I already had a clear picture of what I want to do as an adult. I wanted to be a surgeon. I was excited with everything, connected to medicine and I managed to achieve this goal of mine. Why am I telling you this? Because trough my adulthood I realised that I have another talent.  I love filmmaking & photography, doing videos and photos, being creative, catching people and their stories.

When I met my husband Daniel, I got a chance to discover this hidden passion of mine and realized, that I can wonderfully connect both jobs and use all the experiences of working with people. I am empathic, professional, precise, organized, determined, I believe in what I do and I do it well. I know how to lead but still keep the sense for others.

To work in team with my husband is something unique. We understand each other, many times nonverbally, we spread the tasks successfully, know how to adapt to different situations, clients and also to each other. And yes, brainstorming before each project , in a relaxed home environment with a person that you love, really works and this is visible in our films.